A Roguelike Game made in few days for Itch.io's Game Jam 7DRL Challenge 2018. I will be improving this project and adding new stuff in order to release it soon for mobile. Hope you enjoy it. And, please, give me feedbacks! (As this is the original version submitted to the Jam, I will keep it untouched here. But a new polished version can be found in my games area)


Game instruction: When the FIRE sign shows up, hit the left mouse button to SHOOT!

Made by Old Mohave Games Studio.


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I added this to our list and plan to play it on the show tomorrow. It would be great if you could come hang out with other developers in twitch chat while we play. https://www.twitch.tv/tiger_j

Fastest mouse in the browser 0.078ms. 

Love that skull animation *mmm crunchy souls

Thanks!! =D

haha top, bem legal mano....parabéns

Obrigado!! Compartilhem, por favor

Gostei! A arte está excelente, parabéns!

Obrigado!! =D Compartilha com seus amigos