A downloadable BITCOIN SURVIVAL for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Bitcoin Survival! A 1-bit graphics charming game made in 5 days for the 2018's Crypto Game Jam. It's a Roguelike Clicker Game in which you must mine bitcoins to buy and upgrade itens in order to survive as long as you can! All assets original made by me. Come play. And, please, share and rate. (As this is the original version submitted to the Jam, I will keep it untouched here. But a new polished version can be found in these links:

- Browser/Mobile version: https://oldmohave.itch.io/bitcoin-survival-mobile

- Desktop versions: https://oldmohave.itch.io/bitcoin-survival-desktop-versions

Install instructions

Just download the zipped archive, unpack it and run the game.


win64.zip 60 MB
linux64.zip 67 MB
osx64.zip 71 MB


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This is pretty addictive! However, sometimes when I click on the magnifying glass to find resources I instantly die. Is that supposed to happen?

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Was you health too low or had you already gone through many days alive? Well, by each new day, the dangers in the city increases by causing you more damage in a random percentage. To prevent that you must increase/upgrade your armor or your attack. In case of more questions, please, read the tutorial by clicking on the question mark button. Anyway, as soon as the Game Jam finishes, I will be polishing the game to make it or easier or harder.

Thank you very much for your comment! And please rate my game! =D

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Ah, okay. I think maybe there's a bug. Whenever I click the magnifying glass my health stays at 100. But if I keep clicking it will suddenly drop down to 0 and it's game over. It's a very addictive game though. I'll look forward to checking out the post jam build. 

Sorry, I can't rate the game in the jam as I don't have an entry. (You need to have an entry in the Jam to be able to rate the games)

AlphaBetaGamer, I'm already working on a post jam version. As soon as I finish it, I will let you know. I am polishing many aspects of the game, even balancing its difficulty. But, about the magnifying glass, I will tell you how it works: when you click it, it's like you are wandering around the city looking for 4 itens: food, tools, seeds and gun parts. So, as much as you click, the game generates a random frequency in which "enemies" will hit you. So, the ideia is: you click the magnifying glass, but be always sure you have a good amount of life and has already made some upgrades on attack or armor.

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Hey! Bitcoin Survival has been polished. It's almost a new game. Come play this new version: https://oldmohave.itch.io/bitcoin-survival-mobile